India's First Live Escape Game

Team-work and co-ordination is key to deal with time pressure, and meet the problem-solving challenges we set for you at Clue Hunt. Two is indeed better than one if you want to escape...
You might be a math wiz or have an IQ of 145. But Clue Hunt will put your mind to test. Here you will have to use every bit of your grey matter and use exceptional deductive skills to escape successfully...
At Clue Hunt, you will realize that problem-solving can be so much fun. With the challenge of completing a task in 60 minutes that requires focus, comes the joy of solving it with your team...
Time spent at Clue Hunt guarantees to be the fastest 60 minutes of your life! Every second counts while you are locked inside the game room. Manage time well to get out successfully. Time is indeed precious...
At Clue Hunt, we have designed our games that will need all your combined brains & courage! You shall be afraid when you see our brainy challenges. Face your fear and plan your escape...

“60 minutes of cerebral fun

The most fun thing to do in Mumbai!”


This was a great experience. It is such a well-structured concept and is also challenging and stimulating! A must try! Very well done to the entire team, and we look forward to further sessions!
Amar Chotai
TripAdvisor Review -  Clue Hunt Andheri
It was a brilliant mind blowing experience! We really had fun... The mystery was too good and kept us occupied.
Rajani Damani
Facebook Review -  Clue Hunt Kurla
Great place to spend your weekend doing something different!! One of the best new activities in town. Make sure you do it in a group of friends or with family. It's not easy but its a LOT OF FUN!!
Hanif Sama
Google Review -  Clue Hunt Bandra
Absolutely exhilarating experience!Amazing concept and brilliant set up...Had a wonderful time playing the real life escape game at Clue Hunt.. We played the Prisoners Escape at Todi Mills.. And can't wait to complete the rest of the challenges as well.. A must do for adventure seekers.
Dinesh Bijoor
TripAdvisor Review -  Clue Hunt Lower Parel

The Game

Clue Hunt is a 'Room Escape' game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another room, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in 60 minutes! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon. Come and Play! Book NOW on our bookings page below...
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Friends and Families

Bring your friends & family to Clue Hunt – the most fun new thing to do in India today. 60 minutes of fun for everyone in the family. Going to the movies with your friends is so last decade. Come ClueHuntin’ & be the hero instead! Play as a team of 2 – 8 players & choose from 11 unique games…

Tourists and Travelers

Mumbai has a lot of cultural experiences to offer to its tourists – its slums, Bollywood, temples, museums, beaches. Why not add Clue Hunt to your itinerary?! It is the most unique and fun experience offered in India today. You can play as a team of 2 – 8 players & we have eleven completely different mysteries…

Companies and Events

What better way to encourage leadership, nurture teamwork, improve morale in the workplace than a corporate day out to get your reward for solving a mysterious case, packed full of creative & problem-solving challenges. You’ll need groups of 2 – 8 members for our 11 challenges, and up to 40 members can play against each other at the same time…

Gamers and Geeks

So you have the smarts for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Plan a brainy escapade at Clue Hunt! You need 2 – 8 players & can choose from 11 unique challenges. Indulge in collective detective work and camaraderie and test your brainpower and logic! Clue Hunt will surely push you harder…


All rooms and instructions are in English. We have 11 mystery game rooms across Mumbai (Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri and Kurla) – same difficulty, different scenarios. Each room is EXCLUSIVE for your group; you are NOT joining a group of other players. You can play as a group of 2 – 8 players and you are competing against the clock! All games are suitable for adults, younger adults. However, the games are NOT suitable for younger children. Children under 10 years of age are NOT recommended to play the game. This is a LIVE game so there are no cancellations, refunds or changes after booking & you MUST ALL arrive on time otherwise the game time may be reduced. Please go through the FAQs for more details…



Book on our secure system using VISA, MasterCard, AmEx or NetBanking. We have eleven games located across Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri and Kurla. For Phone-booking, please call us at +91 22 2600 5225 or +91 22 2630 0264 to know available time slots and to hold a slot. Participants can make the payment at the game venue before the game begins. However, we recommend our gamers to book online and get a confirmed booking immediately. Prices vary depending on team size and peak-times.

Are you up for the challenge?

Do you have the detective in you?

11 different mysteries, 11 unique challenges!

Choose your game:

  • All Locations
  • Andheri
  • Bandra
  • Kurla
  • Lower Parel
  • The Art Gallery

    Location: Kurla

    The Art Gallery


    Last week, a few socialites were invited to a private viewing at one of the most prestigious art galleries in the city. Interestingly, no one has heard from them since that evening.

    A source was heard saying that the gallery’s new owner had deliberately locked and trapped people inside to their deaths. But without any strong evidence against the owner, the police could neither implicate him nor shut down the art gallery.

    Now, you have received a similar mysterious private viewing invitation at the same art gallery. Will you choose to go?

  • The Terrorists Hideout

    Location: Kurla

    The Terrorists Hideout


    An infamous terrorist organisation has threatened to set off a bomb explosion at one of India’s historical monuments. No one yet knows which monument they plan to target. All that is known from the latest intercepted message, is that the time bomb will go off in 60 minutes. The agency has also found out from an informant, where the terrorists might be hiding.

    Your job is to investigate this hideout and find any clues that can lead your investigation team to the bomb, and defuse it before it goes off in 60 minutes.

  • The Missing Scientist

    Location: Kurla

    The Missing Scientist


    Prof. Bangaru, an eminent scientist from the Council of Scientific Research has gone missing last night. Sources in the organisation claim that he was working on a secret experiment to help the country’s Defence Department.

    As part of National Investigation Agency, your task is to investigate this confidential case in the hope of finding any evidence that can lead you to the missing scientist before the news spreads and comes into public domain. You have only 1 hour to unearth the mystery.

  • The Stolen Painting

    Location: Lower Parel



    A masterpiece has been stolen from the Zitervalt Art Museum. Mr. Spylock’s team of secret agents have been assigned the task of solving the ‘whodunit’ and to find the whereabouts of the criminal as that’s the only way to get to the stolen painting.

    Your goal is to work on this secret mission to retrieve the stolen painting, so that it can be restored in the Art Museum.

  • The Diamond Maze

    Location: Lower Parel



    Emperor Yuramoto’s crown jewel was recently auctioned, but it turned out to be a counterfeit. Although the cops have a strong suspicion on a criminal mastermind, they are unable to find any evidence against him.

    In the hope of finding the real 20-carat diamond and detaining the suspect, they want Mr. Spylock and his team of detectives to conduct a thorough search of the suspect’s den and navigate the puzzling maze laid out by him.

  • The Lock-Up Mystery

    Location: Lower Parel & Kurla



    An innocent professor gets jailed for a crime he did not commit. After years of captivity, he sends a letter to Mr. Spylock, who he believes can help him get out. Can Mr. Spylock’s team of detectives take on the challenge to help him escape the prison before the warden arrives?

    Your goal is to work out the escape plan in time or get locked-up forever.

  • Kaboom

    Location: Bandra



    Someone has planted a time bomb at St. Paul’s High School. The school has been evacuated, but the bomb has not been found. Under immense time pressure, the police and its bomb squad have engaged Mr. Spylock to be part of the search, find out who the criminal is, and more importantly, to stop the bomb from exploding.

    Your goal is to find the time-bomb and diffuse it in time, to come out alive.

  • Mr. Spylock’s Chamber

    Location: Bandra



    A gruesome murder has shaken the city. Several national and international criminals could be involved in the crime. The police department has brought on Mr. Spylock and his team to help them solve the case.

    Play detectives and complete a murder investigation in time to escape from a locked room.

  • The Pirate Trap

    Location: Andheri


    You are on your annual holiday in the Caribbean. While cruising one night, you suddenly hear a ruckus on your ferry “Ahoy, Mateys!”; the Pirate and his crew have come on board to take everyone hostage. They put you inside a room on their wooden ship and sail towards the Pirate’s Cove, which is an hour away.

    Can you work effectively as a team and use your collective wits to escape from the locked room before the ship touches the shore in 60 minutes, or will you be grounded and forever stranded on the deserted island?

  • The Bank Job

    Location: Andheri

    The Bank Job


    Your son’s been missing. Just then a mafia don leaves a ransom note at your doorstep: “Your kid’s life, in exchange for a simple job.” Only that the job is to rob a local bank that holds some valuable secret about the mafia boss. “Why me?” you’d ask. Because you happen to be the ex-manager of that bank and you still know your way around.

    “You have to do it today”, the note says. You choose lunch-time when the guards are off-duty for an hour. Can you make it happen in 60 minutes or face the danger of losing your son as well as getting nabbed by the cops?




Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

Clue Hunt Twin:          2 players × Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 1400 + tax   =  Rs. 1603 
Clue Hunt Triplet:       3 players × Rs. 600 per person = Rs. 1800 + tax   =  Rs. 2061
Clue Hunt Quartet:     4 players × Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 2000 + tax   =  Rs. 2290
Clue Hunt Quintet:      5 players × Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 2500 + tax   =  Rs. 2863
Clue Hunt Sixtet:         6 players × Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 3000 + tax   =  Rs. 3435
Clue Hunt Septet:        7 players × Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 3500 + tax   =  Rs. 4008 
Clue Hunt Octet:          8 players × Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 4000 + tax   =  Rs. 4580 


Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Clue Hunt Twin:          2 players × Rs. 1100 per person = Rs. 2200 + tax   =  Rs. 2519
Clue Hunt Triplet:       3 players × Rs. 1000 per person = Rs. 3000 + tax   =  Rs. 3435
Clue Hunt Quartet:     4 players × Rs. 900 per person = Rs. 3600 + tax   =  Rs. 4122
Clue Hunt Quintet:      5 players × Rs. 800 per person = Rs. 4000 + tax   =  Rs. 4580
Clue Hunt Sixtet:         6 players × Rs. 800 per person = Rs. 4800 + tax   =  Rs. 5496
Clue Hunt Septet:        7 players × Rs. 800 per person = Rs. 5600 + tax   =  Rs. 6412 
Clue Hunt Octet:          8 players × Rs. 800 per person = Rs. 6400 + tax   =  Rs. 7328 


The above ticket prices include 14.50% Service Tax.


Welcome to Clue Hunt's "Frequently Asked Questions" section. If you cannot find answers here, feel free to contact us with your specific questions. We have tried to group our answers into useful sections & cover all the points but we might have missed out a few important ones so please call or email...
  • The Basics


    Clue Hunt is a fun new place in Mumbai where you can solve a 60-minute mystery game challenge (to escape from a room) in a team of 2 to 8 players. It’s a great team building, social or family event! It is NOT a virtual or online game but is something very real and completely offline. You will be physically locked inside the game room! We would like to keep the mystery around our rooms but imagine around 250 square feet of mysterious and thrill space with some furniture and mild motion involved. Goal is to get out of the locked room using only your mind, logic and the power of teamwork. (There are NO fear elements involved or hard physical activities included in the game.)


    Online bookings can be made for all of our 11 games – 2 games in Bandra, 3 games in Lower Parel, 2 games in Andheri and 4 games in Kurla. We recommend that you use our online booking system to make confirmed bookings. However, if you wish to tentatively hold a time slot, please call us at +91 22 26005225 or +91 22 26300264. We will guide you with the available time slots and you can make the payment at the game venue before your game begins. For online bookings, you can book a game as follows:
    · Check out available times by clicking HERE
    . Choose a time slot based on your preference
    · You will then need to checkout and make payments for reserving the slot
    . Once you make the booking, you will receive an email confirming your booking
    . Kindly carry a photo ID with you to the game, in case, we need to verify the veracity of the booking made

    . You can now also book Gift Vouchers for family, friends and colleagues. Click here to buy a Gift Voucher. Please be aware that Clue Hunt is a live event therefore once a booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations, transfers or reschedules are NOT accepted.

    . If you feel like bringing more friends (over 8 people) and would like to book more than one room at the same time, please turn to our booking system and look for parallel availabilities in our rooms.


    Minimum 2 – maximum 8 people can play at a time in a single game room. We have tested both ends of these limits – in case of duos the game might become too complicated to enjoy and above 8 the place becomes too crowded, so please stick to the advised team sizes. We highly recommend coming in a group of 4 to 8 people for maximum fun.


    Clue Hunt is a fun game for people of all ages. The minimum recommended age of participants is 10 years under supervision of an adult and 16 years with no guidance. The main reason for this limit is the complexity of the game. Kids under the age of 7 years accompanying their parents, can play for free of cost. For kids aged 7 to 9 years, the ticket charges will be 50% of the adult ticket price. (Note: We may require ID proof to verify age)


    When the big day arrives and you come to Clue Hunt with your friends, families or colleagues – please try to arrive on time for the game, at latest 10 minutes before scheduled start. Games and instructions are rotating constantly and reception has limited space so late birds might not manage to get inside at all as we can not slip appointment of groups next in line. The effective game time is exactly 60 minutes and we start sharp at the time booked, however we need a couple of minutes before each session to provide you with instructions.

    . The whole experience will last about 75-90 Minutes.
    . You will spend maximum 60 minutes in the room, however you will need to be briefed in before the game and we would love to discuss your experience, take your photo, and get your feedback in our guestbook after your escape.


    If you’d like to give the game experience as a gift to your friends, relatives or colleagues, Clue Hunt’s gift voucher is the answer, which is valid for 3 months from date of purchase. Buy now online by clicking here. Should you have any queries on gift vouchers or would like to purchase any, please contact us on or +91 22 26300264.


    Certain terms and conditions relate to behaviour as follows: – it is strictly prohibited to make any photos, videos during the game – after leaving the room, sharing clues and information on the rooms at any social networking sites is strictly forbidden that imply serious legal consequences – each participants take full responsibility for their own using the rooms. Mobile phones shall not be allowed inside the game rooms (team members will be asked to keep their mobile phones inside a locker at the reception).


  • Where is Clue Hunt located?

    Clue Hunt is located in four locations in the heart of the city – Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri and Kurla.

    Bandra: We are located only a couple blocks off Linking Road; on 16th Road, between Mini Punjab Restaurant and Hawaiian Shack. We are on the 3rd Floor of Roha Orion, a full glass-facade building. (Check location on Google map here).

    There is limited public parking spots available on the street outside our building. Note: Parking is allowed only on one side of the street depending on the date. Park on left hand-side of the road on odd-dates (1st, 3rd, etc.) and on right hand-side of the road on even dates (2nd, 4th, etc.)

    Lower Parel: We are located in Mathuradas Mill Compound (same compound as Blue Frog). We are located right next to Todi Social, which is behind Cafe Zoe and near Funky Monkey Play Center. We are on the Ground Floor of C.D. House. (Check location on Google map here).

    There is limited parking spots available outside our building. Note: Parking cannot be guaranteed and will be as per availability only.

    Andheri: We are located inside Crystal Point Mall (same building as Star Bazaar and 48 Fitness Gym). We are on the Second Floor in unit no. 207. (Check location on Google map here).

    There is paid parking available in the building’s basement. Note: Parking charges are Rs. 15/- per vehicle (but subject to change).

    Kurla: We are located inside Phoenix Marketcity Mall on LBS Marg. We are on the Second Floor in unit no. S-28A, Opp. Rain Forest Cafe. (Check location on Google map here).

    There is paid parking available in the mall’s basement. Note: Parking charges are Rs. 35/- to Rs. 50/- per vehicle (but subject to change).

  • What are the timings for Clue Hunt?

    Our game venues at Bandra, Lower Parel, Andheri and Kurla are open for business every day of the year with 8 games a day from 11:00 am until 10:30 pm.  You can play whenever we have free slots either by booking online on this website or by calling +91 22 26005225 or +91 22 26300264. You can choose any of the following available time slots:

    • 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
    • 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
    • 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    • 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
    • 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm
    • 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm

    To check availability and to book a time slot, please check out the Bookings section or click here to go to booking site.

  • Why play Clue Hunt?

    Clue Hunt is amongst the most innovative and fun things you will ever find in India today. Sixty minutes spent here solving a mysterious challenge with your friends or colleagues will turn out to be exciting and rewarding at the same time. The dynamics of the game are perfect for a small or large team to bond over a common challenge and to know a lot about your own skills and the rest of your team. The game has been designed to inspire spontaneity, use mind-power and give another level of thrill not found in other means of entertainment.

  • Can our company do team building here?

    Most definitely! Bringing your team to Clue Hunt has a lot of benefits. We simply lock up a handful of people (2 to 8) into a small space, that looks like just a normal room at first sight. However, it is a smartly designed environment where the captives need to really open their eyes and start combining their smarts to discover many hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues that will help them complete their simple final goal: escaping the room in 60 minutes! In this 60-minute instant activity we call Clue Hunt, team members have the opportunity to work on an indoor investigation project, a live escape adventure. During the game they quickly & playfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teams need to truly live and breathe in union for that one hour to achieve their goal and full focus is both essential and guaranteed by the end of the project. We have multiple escape challenges at every branch, hence we can cater a corporate team size of 20 to 40 members, that can play against each other at the same time. And all this happens without any tricky instructors present!

    If your corporate event has more than 50 people, we can setup a game of Clue Hunt at your office premises or at an offsite venue. We can develop a customised game for upto 100 people to play together as an exciting, fun and unique corporate team-building event. Contact us to know more!

  • Is this a game for young and/or old?

    Clue Hunt is a fun game for all ages, although children under the age of 10 years may at times find it challenging and confusing and hence are not recommended to play Clue Hunt. Children under 16 years must have at least 1 adult on the team. There is no upper limit on age as there are no physical aspects to the game and nothing scary has to be expected. Clue Hunt is all about finding clues, solving puzzles and riddles using logic, common sense and the power of teamwork. (Expecting women also can enjoy Clue Hunt – no scary stuff or physical exercise is expected during the game.)

  • How much does this unique experience cost?

    Clue Hunt ticket prices start from Rs. 500 per person and vary depending on team sizes and peak times.

    Below is the off-peak time pricing applicable from Monday to Friday:

    • Clue Hunt Twin – 2 players – Rs. 1400 (only Rs. 700 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Triplet – 3 players – Rs. 1800 (only Rs. 600 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Quartet – 4 players – Rs. 2000 (only Rs. 500 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Quintet – 5 players – Rs. 2500 (only Rs. 500 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Sixtet – 6 players – Rs. 3000 (only Rs. 500 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Septet – 7 players – Rs. 3500 (only Rs. 500 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Octet – 8 players – Rs. 4000 (only Rs. 500 per person)


    Below is the peak time pricing applicable on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:

    • Clue Hunt Twin – 2 players – Rs. 2200 (only Rs. 1100 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Triplet – 3 players – Rs. 3000 (only Rs. 1000 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Quartet – 4 players – Rs. 3600 (only Rs. 900 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Quintet – 5 players – Rs. 4000 (only Rs. 800 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Sixtet – 6 players – Rs. 4800 (only Rs. 800 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Septet – 7 players – Rs. 5600 (only Rs. 800 per person)
    • Clue Hunt Octet – 8 players – Rs. 6400 (only Rs. 800 per person)

    The above ticket prices are subject to additional 14.50% Service Tax. Please be aware that Clue Hunt is a live event game, and once the booking is confirmed, we can not accept any cancellations, reschedules, transfers or give any refunds.

    For group size of 20-39 people, we offer 10% discount.
    For group size of 40-59 people, we offer 15% discount.
    For group size of 60+ people, we offer 20% discount.

    Please call us to know more about group booking.



Address // BANDRA:
301, Roha Orion, 16th Road,
Near Mini Punjab Restaurant,
Bandra West, Mumbai 400050.

Address // LOWER PAREL:
C.D. House, Ground Floor,
Mathuradas Mill Compound,
Behind Cafe Zoe, Near Funky Monkey
Lower Parel West, Mumbai 400013.

Address // ANDHERI:
207, 2nd Floor,
Crystal Point Mall,
Above Star Bazaar, Link Road
Andheri West, Mumbai 400053.

Address // KURLA:
Unit S-28A, 2nd Floor,
Phoenix Marketcity Mall,
LBS Marg,
Kurla West, Mumbai 400070.

Telephone //
Bandra: +91 22 2600 5225
Lower Parel: +91 22 2499 9165
Andheri: +91 22 2630 0264
Kurla: +91 22 6741 1295
Mobile: +91 7045 260 378

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