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  • The Witch’s Den

    Location: Bandra

    BOOK NOW – The Witch’s Den

    Upon the instructions of The Dark Lord Voldemort, an evil witch has set up a brilliant trap in her study room for the muggles, or in simpler words, all humans without magical powers. Accidentally, you find yourself trapped in the witch’s secret working room. Here she stores strange ingredients and creatures, empties blood from all the corpses she digs up from different cemeteries and spends time making evil curses. No one has ever returned alive from this place. Fortunately, the witch is not present in her room but the escape isn’t going to be easy.

    Can you and your team dodge the lurking danger like Harry Potter? Can you get out in time, and free yourself from an unknown fate before she returns in an hour?

  • Time Travel Escape

    Location: Fort

    BOOK NOW – Time Travel Escape

    An extortionist group has threatened to release a strain of the deadly KU-39 virus in the city in 48 hours. Three top researchers have been urgently deployed to work on an antidote to counter this threat. However, last night after 36 hours of ground work, the antidote formula was mysteriously destroyed and the researchers were found dead. Without wasting any time, the Defence Department has decided to make use of the dead researchers untested secret project ‘The Time Machine’ to retrieve the formula from the past.

    Can you search for clues to lead you to the Time Machine to turn back the clock and get your hands on the antidote formula in time to save the city? You have only 1 hour remaining.

  • The House Raid

    Location: Fort

    BOOK NOW – The House Raid

    A recent leak of highly confidential documents at a law firm has revealed the names of many industrialists, politicians and celebrities who have had alleged illegal offshore dealings.

    The Economic Crime Unit has decided to issue search warrants and deploy a team of investigators to find ground-breaking evidence against these offenders.

    Can you lead an investigation team to conduct a raid at the house of a big-shot jeweller and thoroughly search for conclusive evidence to incriminate the suspect? You have only 1 hour to discover the truth.

  • The Art Gallery

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Art Gallery

    Last week, a few socialites were invited to a private viewing at one of the most prestigious art galleries in the city. Interestingly, no one has heard from them since that evening.

    A source was heard saying that the gallery’s new owner had deliberately locked and trapped people inside to their deaths. But without any strong evidence against the owner, the police could neither implicate him nor shut down the art gallery.

    Now, you have received a similar mysterious private viewing invitation at the same art gallery. Will you choose to go?

  • The Terrorists Hideout

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Terrorists Hideout

    An infamous terrorist organisation has threatened to set off a bomb explosion at one of India’s historical monuments. No one yet knows which monument they plan to target. All that is known from the latest intercepted message, is that the time bomb will go off in 60 minutes. The agency has also found out from an informant, where the terrorists might be hiding.

    Your job is to investigate this hideout and find any clues that can lead your investigation team to the bomb, and defuse it before it goes off in 60 minutes.

  • Mr. India

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – Mr. India

    General Mogambo, an evil-minded dictator, has joined hands with India’s enemy to develop nuclear weapons to be used against India. To track the enemy’s progress, India’s defence department had secretly placed a research scientist, Ashok Kumar, as a mole in enemy camp. Last night, he was mysteriously found murdered in his office. His last message to the team was, “I know who has the launch codes of Mogambo’s nukes!”. Embark upon mission Mr. India and get information to reach to Mogambo’s nuclear launch codes.

  • The Stolen Painting

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Stolen Painting

    A masterpiece has been stolen from the Zitervalt Art Museum. Mr. Spylock’s team of secret agents have been assigned the task of solving the ‘whodunit’ and to find the whereabouts of the criminal as that’s the only way to get to the stolen painting.

    Your goal is to work on this secret mission to retrieve the stolen painting, so that it can be restored in the Art Museum.

  • The Diamond Maze

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Diamond Maze

    Emperor Yuramoto’s crown jewel was recently auctioned, but it turned out to be a counterfeit. Although the cops have a strong suspicion on a criminal mastermind, they are unable to find any evidence against him.

    In the hope of finding the real 20-carat diamond and detaining the suspect, they want Mr. Spylock and his team of detectives to conduct a thorough search of the suspect’s den and navigate the puzzling maze laid out by him.

  • The Lock-Up Mystery

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Lock-up Mystery

    NOTE: This is The Lock-up Mystery located at Lower Parel branch.

    An innocent professor gets jailed for a crime he did not commit. After years of captivity, he sends a letter to Mr. Spylock, who he believes can help him get out. Can Mr. Spylock’s team of detectives take on the challenge to help him escape the prison before the warden arrives?

    Your goal is to work out the escape plan in time or get locked-up forever.

  • Kaboom

    Location: Bandra

    BOOK NOW – Kaboom

    An unknown criminal has planted a time bomb at St. Paul’s High School. After receiving this news, the school has been evacuated, but the bomb has not been found yet. Under immense time pressure, the police and its bomb squad have engaged you and your team of highly qualified detectives to find out the criminal mastermind behind this, and more importantly, to get to the time-bomb and stop it from exploding.

    The bomb is suspected to set off in 60 minutes. Are you ready to enter the school premises, and deactivate the deadly bomb? The countdown has begun!

  • Mr. Spylock’s Chamber

    Location: Bandra

    BOOK NOW – Mr. Spylock’s Chamber

    A gruesome murder took place last week, and has spread fear in the entire city. Several national and international criminals could be involved in the crime. The police department has decided to bring you on to help them solve the case, and apprehend the murderer.

    Play detectives and complete the murder investigation, within only 60 minutes, or else the murderer shall get away with the crime.

  • The Pirate Trap

    Location: Andheri

    BOOK NOW – The Pirate Trap

    You are on your annual holiday in the Caribbean. While cruising one night, you suddenly hear a ruckus on your ferry “Ahoy, Mateys!”; the Pirate and his crew have come on board to take everyone hostage. They put you inside a room on their wooden ship and sail towards the Pirate’s Cove, which is an hour away.

    Can you work effectively as a team and use your collective wits to escape from the locked room before the ship touches the shore in 60 minutes, or will you be grounded and forever stranded on the deserted island?

  • The Bank Job

    Location: Andheri

    BOOK NOW – The Bank Job

    Your son’s been missing. Just then a mafia don leaves a ransom note at your doorstep: “Your kid’s life, in exchange for a simple job.” Only that the job is to rob a local bank that holds some valuable secret about the mafia boss. “Why me?” you’d ask. Because you happen to be the ex-manager of that bank and you still know your way around.

    “You have to do it today”, the note says. You choose lunch-time when the guards are off-duty for an hour. Can you make it happen in 60 minutes or face the danger of losing your son as well as getting nabbed by the cops?



From 1st December 2017


Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

Clue Hunt Twin:          2 players × Rs.750 Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 1400 + tax   =  Rs. 1652 
Clue Hunt Triplet:       3 players × Rs.650 Rs. 600 per person = Rs. 1800 + tax   =  Rs. 2124
Clue Hunt Quartet:     4 players × Rs.550 Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 2000 + tax   =  Rs. 2360
Clue Hunt Quintet:      5 players × Rs.550 Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 2500 + tax   =  Rs. 2950
Clue Hunt Sixtet:         6 players × Rs.550 Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 3000 + tax   =  Rs. 3540
Clue Hunt Septet:        7 players × Rs.550 Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 3500 + tax   =  Rs. 4130 
Clue Hunt Octet:          8 players × Rs.550 Rs. 500 per person = Rs. 4000 + tax   =  Rs. 4720 

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Clue Hunt Twin:          2 players × Rs.1050 Rs. 1000 per person = Rs. 2000 + tax   =  Rs. 2360
Clue Hunt Triplet:       3 players × Rs.950 Rs. 900 per person = Rs. 2700 + tax   =  Rs. 3186
Clue Hunt Quartet:     4 players × Rs.850 Rs. 800 per person = Rs. 3200 + tax   =  Rs. 3776
Clue Hunt Quintet:      5 players × Rs.750 Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 3500 + tax   =  Rs. 4130
Clue Hunt Sixtet:         6 players × Rs.750 Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 4200 + tax   =  Rs. 4956
Clue Hunt Septet:        7 players × Rs.750 Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 4900 + tax   =  Rs. 5782 
Clue Hunt Octet:          8 players × Rs.750 Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 5600 + tax   =  Rs. 6608 

The above ticket prices include 18.0% GST. HSN/SAC Code: 999699 (Other Amusement and Recreation Services).