Launched in 2013, Clue Hunt provides one-of-its-kind Mystery Games that are unique, immersive and fun for all ages. We are the first and largest providers of IoT-enabled mystery games as well as Enterprise solutions for deploying Industry 4.0 IoT infrastructure, Robotic Process Automation

Clue Hunt is a ‘room escape’ game, a clue-finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another setup, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. The goal is simple yet challenging: solve the mystery in 60 minutes! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your colleagues. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon. Are you ready to play?!


Set-up for Members at Soho House -Mumbai

Wedding setup done at ITC Grand Bharat

Team Activity For Sun Pharma at Taj Santacruz

Launch Event for Hotstar at Indus Club, BKC

Birthday set-up done at Altamount Rd, Mumbai

An infamous terrorist organization has threatened to set off a bomb explosion at one of India’s historical monuments. No one yet knows which monument they plan to target. All that is known from the latest intercepted message, is that the time bomb will go off soon. The agency has also found out from an informant, where the terrorists might be hiding. Your job is to investigate this hideout and find any clues that can lead your investigation team to the bomb, and defuse it before it goes off.
Emperor Yuramoto’s crown jewel was recently auctioned, but it turned out to be a counterfeit. Although the cops have a strong suspicion on a criminal mastermind, they are unable to find any evidence against him. In the hope of finding the real 20-carat diamond and detaining the suspect, they want Mr. Spylock and his team of detectives to conduct a thorough search of the suspect’s den and navigate the puzzling maze laid out by him.
Minimum 10 players (30 minutes)×Rs. 500 per person=Rs. 5000 + tax   =  Rs. 5900+
Minimum 10 players (60 minutes)× Rs. 700 per person = Rs. 7000 + tax   = Rs. 8260+


Minimum 10 players (30 minutes)×Rs. 800 per person=Rs. 8000 + tax   = Rs. 9440+
Minimum 10 players (60 minutes) × Rs. 1000 per person = Rs. 10000 +tax   = Rs. 11800+
- Play Clue Hunt at your desired location. It could be at your home, office, offsite or even a hotel.
- We need minimum 10 players for the booking and can currently handle upto 40 pax at one time.
- Choose between either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of game time.
- So go ahead and book now for your birthday, anniversary, team event, or any other special occasion.
- You only need to pay a deposit of Rs. 5000 to confirm the booking.
- Clue Hunt Team will arrive at your doorstep 20 minutes prior to your chosen game time.
- Please let us know the exact area/room/enclosure where you would like us to setup the game.
- We need 1 room/enclosure for every team of roughly 10 participants.
- Each team of 10 participants shall be made by you beforehand prior to our arrival.
- We recommend having a common area where all participants can assemble for a de-briefing before the game begins.
- Mobile phones / cameras / photography is strictly not allowed during the event.
- Any inappropriate behaviour by any of the participants shall lead to eviction from the event.
- Booking once made cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded.You have to pay a deposit of Rs. 5000 online at this point. The balance payment shall be paid before the game begins through cash. You may also pay online using your debit/credit card or netbanking. However, we DO NOT accept cheques or physical debit/credit cards for payment.
- There is a fixed Rs. 350 convenience charge to cover transportation charges.
    Clue Hunt is a fun game for all ages, although children under the age of 6 years may at times find it challenging and confusing and hence are not recommended to play Clue Hunt. Children under 13 years must have at least 1 adult on the team. There is no upper limit on age as there are no physical aspects to the game and nothing scary has to be expected. Clue Hunt is all about finding clues, solving puzzles and riddles using logic, common sense and the power of teamwork. (Expecting women also can enjoy Clue Hunt – no scary stuff or physical exercise is expected during the game.)
    Most definitely! Playing Clue Hunt with your team has a lot of benefits. It is a smartly designed environment where the captives need to really open their eyes and start combining their smarts to discover many hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues that will help them complete their simple final goal: finishing the puzzle in 60 minutes! In this 60-minute instant activity we call Clue Hunt, team members have the opportunity to work on an investigation project. During the game they quickly & playfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teams need to truly live and breathe in union for that one hour to achieve their goal and full focus is both essential and guaranteed by the end of the project.
    Another benefit of bringing your corporate team to Clue Hunt is the input credit that you can claim as a Company on the GST paid to us. This will translate into savings of 18% for your team activity, as we provide GSTN-level tax invoice. If your corporate event has more than 15 people, we can setup a game of Clue Hunt at your office premises or at an offsite venue. We can develop a customised game for upto 100 people to play together as an exciting, fun and unique corporate team-building event. Contact us to know more!
    - What age group does Clue Hunt birthday parties cater to?
    The suitable age to play our game is 6 years old and above at a venue of your choice
    - What does the base package include?
    The base package includes a 60-minute game activity followed by photography with detective props.
    - What is the base package price?
    If you would like to host your child’s birthday party at your doorstep or venue of your choice then the prices would be as follows:-
    Base price- Rs 1100 per child
    An additional charge of 18% GST is applicable on all above prices.
    - Can we customize the birthday party?
    We can customize your child’s birthday party and convert it into a fun mystery game whereby your child and their friends will be challenged to deliver a team work to solve the puzzle.
    Celebrate your child’s best birthday and experience a fully immersive and memorable adventure with their friends.
    At an additional cost we provide detective badges whereby each child’s photo will be added to a fun cool spy badge. Our e-invites will have your child and her friends be assigned different teams for the game. After the game is over we can also provide customized certificates and or customised return gift that can be given upon successful completion of the mission. We can also customize the clues of the game accordingly.
    - What are the charges to customize the birthday party?
    All add-ons will be charged at an additional cost:-
    Customized Detective Badges- Rs 100 per child
    Customized E- Invites- Rs 100 per child
    Customized Certificates- Rs 100 per child
    Customized Clues- Rs 200 per child
    Customizied Return Gift- Rs 200 per child
    Snack box with sandwich, chips, juice and cake- Rs 150 per child
    - Other Important Points for Birthday Party set-up done by Clue Hunt at your chosen venue:
    – We need a minimum of 10 kids for a detective birthday party set-up. We can create set-up for upto 50 kids depending on your chosen venue. Minimum age of children should be 6+.
    – We divide the entire group in teams and then create multiple sets of the same mystery game theme chosen by you, so that all kids have the same experience in terms of clues and mystery theme.
    – We need 1 adult to play along with the kids so that they can act as a chaperone and guide throughout the game.
    You can let us know the desired date and time of your event. The effective game time is exactly 60 minutes and we start sharp at the time booked, however we need 1 to 2 hours before each session to setup the game and to provide you with instructions.. The whole experience will last about 75-90 Minutes.
    Clue Hunt is amongst the most innovative and fun things you will ever find in India today. We have been consistently ranked #1 fun thing to do in Mumbai on TripAdvisor and have the honour of becoming a Hall of Fame Awardee. Sixty minutes spent solving a mysterious challenge with your friends or colleagues will turn out to be exciting and rewarding at the same time. The dynamics of the game are perfect for a small or large team to bond over a common challenge and to know a lot about your own skills and the rest of your team. The game has been designed to inspire spontaneity, use mind-power and give another level of thrill not found in other means of entertainment. We have also seen popularity with our online mystery games that can be played virtually from your home.
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Clue Hunt provides Virtual Mystery Games that are unique, immersive and fun for all ages. We are the first and largest providers of online mystery games as well as Enterprise solutions for Cloud technology.

Why not play a thrilling mystery game online with your friends, family, colleagues or classmates?

We have 8 online mystery games that you can play virtually with 2 time-slots every day! Or you can choose to play the game at your own preferred time. Or even better you could hold an event on Zoom call where everyone can collaborate to solve the mystery within 60 minutes and challenge themselves in teams. Clue Hunt would host an online game for your group at a day and time of your choice. Get your thinking caps on!!


Virtual Team-building for Hubspot -Asia Pacific

Online Team Integration for Equity Data Sciences

Surprise Baby Shower for a Mumbai Couple

Critical Thinking session for Tata Global Internship

Member Integration for EO Pune Chapter

India’s Defence Lab has worked round the clock to create a secret Time Machine and now wants to recruit special agents to go in the future to find the cure for the virus that has caused the deadly pandemic. Are you ready to embark upon this secret & mysterious mission?Can you go into the future and come back with the cure within 60 minutes.
An anonymous Indian social activist that goes by the name “The Professor” wants to recruit a formidable team to carry out a money heist at the country’s Central Bank building. What is The Professor’s real motive? More importantly are you ready to join his team and are you going to be able to successfully carry out the heist. You have only 60 minutes!
Just when the lockdown was annouced, a billionaire media baron from Mumbai decided to spend time with his family at their palatial Khandala Farmhouse. It was quality time with the family until last night when under mysterious circumstances, the billionaire was found murdered! The police is still clueless and everyone is wondering as to how a murder can take place in the time of nation-wide quarantine?You have been called upon to solve this case with your team, but time’s running out. You have only 60 minutes!
In the midst of the lockdown, a rogue nation’s dictator has suddenly disappeared. While some speculate that he was struck by the virus himself,  others even said he has died due to his prevailing heart condition. Until he magically reappeared last night after a week. Now, the secret intelligence agencies all across the world suspect that he went underground to plan a nuclear attack to gain supremacy while every country is on the backfoot.You receive a call from the National Agency of Intelligence to go undercover, find out more and neutralise any sinister plans of the dictator. You have only 60 minutes in this spy mission!
Upon the instructions of The Dark Lord Voldemort, an evil witch has cast a death spell on all the muggles, or in simpler words, all humans without magical powers. You and your team of wizards must now unite to take on the evil forces and save the human race.Can you and your team dodge the lurking danger like Harry Potter? Can you destroy the deadly spell and save the world?
Flashback to 31st December 2019! You and your friends decided to bring in the New Year 2020 in Goa. While on the beach you find a strange board game lying on the beach. You pick it up to play the game together in the New Year only to realise that the game is cursed. All the hazardous events that were part of the game, actually unfolded in reality as well bringing destruction and mayhem around the world. Now you must finish the game in order to reverse the misery it has caused and bring everything back to normal.You have maximum 60 minutes!
The Jewel Museum housed within the Tower of London witnessed a major security breach last night. And what occurred there was a sight to behold. The most revered crown jewel at the museum, “Kohinoor” was found missing. And what was equally baffling was the presence of the Indian Tricolor flag found in the place of the missing jewel.The UK authorities immediately called upon its Indian counterpart to unravel the mystery of the Stolen diamond. The Central Bureau of India wants you to help them in the case. Is it a thief or a true patriot? Assemble your team of detectives!You have maximum 60 minutes!
Raj and Simran are excited for their baby shower, which is scheduled to start in exactly 1 hour. But the couple receives a very strange message and it changes the entire course of their day and leaves them entrapped in a room. What actually happened? Who is behind all this? Find out and help Raj and Simran to celebrate their Baby Shower.You have maximum 60 minutes!
60 minute game: Per person login from a device @Rs. 300 per person
3-hints during game @150 per team
Suggested team size is 3-4 players in a team.


60 minute game: Per person login from a device @Rs. 600 per person
3-hints during game @150 per team
Suggested team size is 3-4 players in a team.
60 minute game: Per person login from a device @Rs. 850 per person
3 hints per team + Zoom call with collaboration on breakout rooms + video invite + save the date invite + game rules instructions before the start of the game on Zoom call.
Requires minimum 15 participants.
Suggested team size is 3-4 players in a team.
- A welcome message from Clue Hunt will be sent to the WhatsApp number 15 minutes before the chosen game time.
- The weblink for the game will be shared to the WhatsApp number of the participant at chosen game time.
- Those who have opted for hints package will be able to ask upto 3 hints during the game on WhatsApp to Clue Hunt.
- Those who do not opt for hints package will NOT receive any hints nor will they have an option to buy hints during the game. Hence, pre-booking for hints package is mandatory to get any help/hints.
- The game link shall be active for 60 minutes after which the participant will be logged out of the system.
- There shall be no extensions allowed post the end of 1 hour from scheduled game start time.
- The game can be played on any 1 device (phone, ipad, laptop, desktop). Your registered phone number will be your login ID.
- Each registration allows you to log-in on one device. If you want to compete or play with your friends and family in other locations/devices then please pay for multiple registrations.
- Registration fees are Non-Refundable.
- Game is a series of 10 clues based on the theme chosen. You will have to solve each clue, submit a response and move to the next level. You will see the next clue only when you solve a given clue correctly.
- On submitting the correct answer to the final clue, your mystery game will be over.
- At the end of 60 minutes, the system will log you out automatically.
- No prior knowledge of any incident, event, news or TV series is required to play this game.
- Participants should not post any comments or answers on any social media platform for any reason whatsoever, or they will face legal trouble.
- Downloading, sharing, forwarding, or copying of our game is strictly prohibited and illegal. It will be a copyright violation and will invite legal trouble.
    We recommend starting with a medium difficulty game such as The Quarantine Murder or The Great Indian Heist if it is your first time experiencing Clue Hunt. Difficulty ratings for the 8 games are:
    Mission Timeline - 2.5 on 5
    Secret Agent 09 - 2.5 on 5
    The Quarantine Murder - 3 on 5
    The Witch's Spell - 3 on 5
    The Baby Shower Mystery - 3 on 5
    The Great Indian Heist - 3.5 on 5
    The Cursed Board Game - 4 on 5
    The Lost Jewel of India - 4.5 on 5
    Yes, we host Company Team Building Events online all the time and we recommend that you go for the End-to-End solution option which includes:
    Zoom session, Invititation poster, Video Invite, Team Configuration posters, Rules Video and explanation session and Breakout Rooms
    We have created games that are suitable for 6 years+ old to play online. We have 'The Space Adventure' Game is meant for kids as young as 6 years of age and upto 9 years. Click here to know more about The Space Adventure. For older kids, we have the Harry Potter themed 'The Witch's Spell' or the virus themed 'Mission Timeline' or murder mystery 'The Quarantine Murder'.
    We have games running everyday at 6pm and 10pm. Or you can contact us and select your own time to play. Or you can choose the recommended End-to-End solution for a group of atleast 15 players.
    Clue Hunt was the first to launch virtual mystery game in South Asia and we continue to be the pioneers in mystery gaming. Get in touch with us for a customised game with the theme of your choice!
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Team building can be a challenging task for Team Leaders! But what if you could simplify team integration through an immersive, fun and stimulating puzzle-solving experience that everyone naturally loves, with the functionality to customize and personalize to your own Company, or Group, or Functional, Cross-functional, Self-managed or Virtual Teams using a simple dashboard at a fraction of the cost of a regular Team building event?!


From Being a Team Leader to a Teamologist

Add your own touch to Personalize Training

Use our ever-expanding Digital Assets Library

Worth the Wait! Clue Hunt's EdTech Product will be unique. Imagine having a platform that allows you to create, customize and deliver digital asset-rich mystery quizzes in an immersive way, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the most efficient way to engage your target audience.

Some of the features are:
First AI based predictive data analysis and reinforcement learning platform for educational learning through mystery quizzes.

First blockchain based educational platform that will allow companies to target and engage their employees with asset-rich educational content through a gamified experience.

The product is an objective based, asset-rich, and competency-based learning platform that can be used by companies to engage their employees in an immersive learning experience.

The content that will be incorporated into the platform can be built by the companies themselves and it will be delivered as a gamified experience through the platform.

We are Hiring!

IOT-enabled games and solutions

virtual games and solutions

Edtech platform:
custom learning module for all