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  • Can You Escape?

    I Dare You, Can You Escape That?


    Can You Escape That?

    The earth spins.
    The planets orbit.
    The galaxy swirls.
    The universe expands.
    In all that motion,
    you manage to go
    absolutely nowhere.

    Honestly, what is this life if full of care?
    You’ve got no time to stand and stare?

    In the ‘crazy busy’ life we live today, some of us are constantly trying to run a rat race while rest of us are caught in a net of drudgery. I Dare You, Can You Escape that?

    This is an era of over booked schedules, instant messaging, fast food and express transportation. You’re spending 24 hours of a day fighting your feelings of frustration and depression, living the same hectic life today that you lived last week and the week before. Our journey on a well worn road filled with ruts is taking us to a path that doesn’t lead anywhere except back on itself. We are going in an endless circle digging deeper in a hole we can’t get ourselves out of. I Dare You, Can You Escape that?

    Visit Clue Hunt, Mumbai and beat G.O.L.F. with G.O.L.F. this time; the first G.O.L.F. being Greatest Of Life’s Frustrations and second G.O.L.F. being Game of Limitless Fun. Work psycho-dynamically, somatically, cognitively and eclectically by getting trapped in their game room for moments of pausing, fresh sensing and discovery! It’s where the veils pull back, allowing something new to happen right there. Amidst the minuet of mystery, I Dare You, Can You Escape that?

  • Indoor Activities in Mumbai Rainy Season

    Indoor Activities in Mumbai Rains | Monsoon Season fun activities in Mumbai

    Mumbai Rain indoor activities

    Indoor Activities in Mumbai Rain

    While some of us love the rains and monsoons, we also hate the muddy streets that come with it. Also, carrying that extra umbrella and taking it out after it suddenly starts raining is pretty irritating. Sometimes we carry raincoats, which makes it all the more inconvenient to wear before we get wet.

    Due to this, many people avoid going outdoors and thus, the ways of having fun decreases. If you are a victim of this and can relate to this, you should try out some of these mind-blowing indoor activities which will keep you fully engaged, regardless of the outside weather.

    There are many fascinating activities one can do at home such as baking delicious items, playing cards or organizing a camp or pillow fort at home. Also, you could learn some magic tricks to surprise your friends, have a karaoke concert, conduct some cool science experiments or relax and read or play video games with your buddies. While these activities do keep you busy for some time, they might not be the best way to spend the monsoon.

    If you’re hanging out with your friends or want to get that outdoor touch, you should try visiting some exciting places. While museums and art galleries are always something you can visit, they are not something adventurous. The best adventurous indoor places that this extravagant city has to offer, are Smaaash at Lower Parel, Kidzania, Ghatkopar and Clue Hunt.

    Clue Hunt currently has 5 outlets in Mumbai and 13 different themes to play. It is present in Andheri, Bandra, Fort, Lower Parel, and Phoenix Marketcity Kurla. Clue Hunt basically conducts room escape games where a group of 2-8 people are locked inside a room which has clues hidden around it to help you escape the room. One needs to use their wits to find their way out along with teamwork and cooperation. Hence, it is an ideal place to go to, with your friends to have fun and at the same time, develop your analytical and logical skills. So do go visit these places this monsoon and don’t let the weather come in your way and stop you from having fun!

  • Detective Novels

    Detective Novels – mystery, crime, fiction

    Detective novels

    Detective novels – finest in mystery, crime and fiction

    Why did the detective grow carrots and potatoes in his farm?
    Because he was fond of undercover crops.

    Forgive my miserable (or should I say mystery-able) puns for I am just a helpless addict raised by crime fiction mystery novels. My only regret of being a part of techno-age is not being a part of Golden age of mystery fiction. In time between the First and the Second World Wars, readers turned to detective stories as a means of coping with the modern world around them. In a way, murder mystery mirrored the events happening in the real life: the cozy village, the secretive mansion or luxury liner invaded by murder became a metaphor for the violent upheaval visited upon one’s homeland by enemy invaders. The difference being with careful placement of the text, social chaos were reduced to a game and the reader was invited and empowered to join forces with the detective to restore order to the world. Something that most citizens felt powerless about as world forces battled around them.

    I read voraciously as a child. More than anything else, I devoured mysteries, first Encyclopedia Brown and then The Hardy Boys. My personal favorite being Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s unarguably best creation ever, Sherlock Holmes. Holmes’s popularity and fame are such that many have believed him to not be a fictional character but a real individual. In many of the stories, Holmes dives into an apparent mess to find an item most relevant to a mystery. According to his biographer friend Dr. Watson, “Holmes had no breakfast for himself, for it was one of his peculiarities that in his more intense moments, he would permit himself no food and I have known him to presume upon his iron strength until he has fainted from pure inanition”. My babysitter got me to bed with stories told in serial fashion based on books and movies she loved. One of it being about 10 strangers trapped on an island by a homicidal maniac and how one-by-one they died in horrible fashion. This unbeknownst to me, was my first taste of Agatha Christie.

    With time and age we have only disparted from these mesmerizing mystery and detective novels. Thank God for Clue Hunt bringing back the mysteries in our lives with their over a dozen different themed games in a fun, adventurous and thrilling way. The you-get-to-be-a-part-of-the-story thing I talked about before can now be experienced for real with Clue Hunt, Mumbai.

  • The Crystal Maze

    The Crystal Maze

    The Crystal Maze

    The Crystal Maze

    Nothing explains 90s gaming quite like the a-maze-ing most watched mystery game television show The Crystal Maze. Team of 6 strangers having entered the Crystal Maze led through four themed zones by our very favourite Richard O’Brien. Never was the centre of attention really away from O’Brien’s individual and distinctive style, his long fur coat, skinny fit trousers and long sleek leather boots. Each zone the contestants entered was a room full of game, puzzle, challenge or test. Team was to choose one of their members to take on challenge selected by their host. They won a time crystal if succeeded and were locked in a room if failed which in turn required the team to expend a crystal to buy them out. Each crystal was worth 5 seconds in the grand finale where contestants now entered the Crystal Dome to finally realize ‘Ain’t there no place like Dome!’ Tickets being blown around inside the Dome by huge fans, idea was to gather as many gold tickets and as few silver ones as possible in the available time.

    Boy, don’t we miss the 90s! So, what do you have to say about such incredible mystery making a sensational return into your life as a live participatory experience you’d die for? Lots actually, right? Clue Hunt brings you a bout that’s a room escape game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick all at the same time. A just another room at the first sight is later a crime scene full of clues. You yourself control the course of actions here and the goal is simple yet challenging. It dares you to think, it dares you to find out for the secret long lost just begs to get revealed.

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