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  • The Cursed Board Game

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – The Cursed Board Game

    Flashback to 31st December 2019! You and your friends decided to bring in the New Year 2020 in Goa. While on the beach you find a strange board game lying on the beach. You pick it up to play the game together in the New Year only to realise that the game is cursed. All the hazardous events that were part of the game, actually unfolded in reality as well bringing destruction and mayhem around the world. Now you must finish the game in order to reverse the misery it has caused and bring everything back to normal.

    You have maximum 60 minutes!

  • The Lost Jewel of India

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – The Lost Jewel of India

    The Jewel Museum housed within the Tower of London witnessed a major security breach last night. And what occurred there was a sight to behold. The most revered crown jewel at the museum, “Kohinoor” was found missing. And what was equally baffling was the presence of the Indian Tricolor flag found in the place of the missing jewel.

    The UK authorities immediately called upon its Indian counterpart to unravel the mystery of the Stolen diamond. The Central Bureau of India wants you to help them in the case. Is it a thief or a true patriot? Assemble your team of detectives!

    You have maximum 60 minutes!

  • The Witch’s Spell

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – The Witch’s Spell

    Upon the instructions of The Dark Lord Voldemort, an evil witch has cast a death spell on all the muggles, or in simpler words, all humans without magical powers. You and your team of wizards must now unite to take on the evil forces and save the human race.

    Can you and your team dodge the lurking danger like Harry Potter? Can you destroy the deadly spell and save the world?


  • Secret Agent 09

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – Secret Agent 09

    In the midst of the lockdown, a rogue nation’s dictator has suddenly disappeared. While some speculate that he was struck by the virus himself,  others even said he has died due to his prevailing heart condition. Until he magically reappeared last night after a week. Now, the secret intelligence agencies all across the world suspect that he went underground to plan a nuclear attack to gain supremacy while every country is on the backfoot.

    You receive a call from the National Agency of Intelligence to go undercover, find out more and neutralise any sinister plans of the dictator. You have only 60 minutes in this spy mission!

  • The Quarantine Murder

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – The Quarantine Murder

     Just when the lockdown was annouced, a billionaire media baron from Mumbai decided to spend time with his family at their palatial Khandala Farmhouse. It was quality time with the family until last night when under mysterious circumstances, the billionaire was found murdered! The police is still clueless and everyone is wondering as to how a murder can take place in the time of nation-wide quarantine?

    You have been called upon to solve this case with your team, but time’s running out. You have only 60 minutes!

  • The Art Gallery

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Art Gallery

     Last week, a few socialites were invited to a private viewing at one of the most prestigious art galleries in the city. Interestingly, no one has heard from them since that evening.

    A source was heard saying that the gallery’s new owner had deliberately locked and trapped people inside to their deaths. But without any strong evidence against the owner, the police could neither implicate him nor shut down the art gallery.

    Now, you have received a similar mysterious private viewing invitation at the same art gallery. Will you choose to go?

  • The Terrorists Hideout

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Terrorists Hideout

     An infamous terrorist organisation has threatened to set off a bomb explosion at one of India’s historical monuments. No one yet knows which monument they plan to target. All that is known from the latest intercepted message, is that the time bomb will go off in 60 minutes. The agency has also found out from an informant, where the terrorists might be hiding.

    Your job is to investigate this hideout and find any clues that can lead your investigation team to the bomb, and defuse it before it goes off in 60 minutes.

  • Mr. India

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – Mr. India

    General Mogambo, an evil-minded dictator, has joined hands with India’s enemy to develop nuclear weapons to be used against India. To track the enemy’s progress, India’s defence department had secretly placed a research scientist, Ashok Kumar, as a mole in enemy camp. Last night, he was mysteriously found murdered in his office. His last message to the team was, “I know who has the launch codes of Mogambo’s nukes!”. Embark upon mission Mr. India and get information to reach to Mogambo’s nuclear launch codes.

  • The Stolen Painting

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Stolen Painting

    A masterpiece has been stolen from the Zitervalt Art Museum. Mr. Spylock’s team of secret agents have been assigned the task of solving the ‘whodunit’ and to find the whereabouts of the criminal as that’s the only way to get to the stolen painting.

    Your goal is to work on this secret mission to retrieve the stolen painting, so that it can be restored in the Art Museum.

  • The Diamond Maze

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Diamond Maze

    Emperor Yuramoto’s crown jewel was recently auctioned, but it turned out to be a counterfeit. Although the cops have a strong suspicion on a criminal mastermind, they are unable to find any evidence against him.

    In the hope of finding the real 20-carat diamond and detaining the suspect, they want Mr. Spylock and his team of detectives to conduct a thorough search of the suspect’s den and navigate the puzzling maze laid out by him.

  • The Lock-Up Mystery

    Location: Lower Parel

    BOOK NOW – The Lock-up Mystery

    An innocent professor gets jailed for a crime he did not commit. After years of captivity, he sends a letter to Mr. Spylock, who he believes can help him get out. Can Mr. Spylock’s team of detectives take on the challenge to help him escape the prison before the warden arrives?

    Your goal is to work out the escape plan in time or get locked-up forever.

  • Mission Timeline

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – Mission Timeline

    India’s Defence Lab has worked round the clock to create a secret Time Machine and now wants to recruit special agents to go in the future to find the cure for the virus that has caused the deadly pandemic. Are you ready to embark upon this secret & mysterious mission?

    Can you go into the future and come back with the cure within 60 minutes.

  • The Great Indian Heist

    Location: Online


    BOOK NOW – The Great Indian Heist

    An anonymous Indian social activist that goes by the name “The Professor” wants to recruit a formidable team to carry out a money heist at the country’s Central Bank building. What is The Professor’s real motive? More importantly are you ready to join his team and are you going to be able to successfully carry out the heist. You have only 60 minutes!



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Game Cost: Rs. 300/- per device + Hints Pack (optional): Rs. 150/- per team

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Starts at Rs. 590/- per person
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