Can You Escape?

I Dare You, Can You Escape That?


Can You Escape That?

The earth spins.
The planets orbit.
The galaxy swirls.
The universe expands.
In all that motion,
you manage to go
absolutely nowhere.

Honestly, what is this life if full of care?
You’ve got no time to stand and stare?

In the ‘crazy busy’ life we live today, some of us are constantly trying to run a rat race while rest of us are caught in a net of drudgery. I Dare You, Can You Escape that?

This is an era of over booked schedules, instant messaging, fast food and express transportation. You’re spending 24 hours of a day fighting your feelings of frustration and depression, living the same hectic life today that you lived last week and the week before. Our journey on a well worn road filled with ruts is taking us to a path that doesn’t lead anywhere except back on itself. We are going in an endless circle digging deeper in a hole we can’t get ourselves out of. I Dare You, Can You Escape that?

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