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The Basics


Note: Clue Hunt Lower Parel outlet is now open and Covid-safe, with strict hygiene protocols followed.
Clue Hunt is a fun place in Mumbai where you can solve a 60-minute mystery game challenge (to escape from a room) in a team of 2 to 8 players. It’s a great team building, social or family event! It is NOT a virtual or online game but is something very real and completely offline. You will be physically locked inside the game room! We would like to keep the mystery around our rooms but imagine around 250 square feet of mysterious and thrill space with some furniture and mild motion involved. Goal is to get out of the locked room using only your mind, logic and the power of teamwork. (There are NO fear elements involved or hard physical activities included in the game.)


Online bookings can be made for all of our 13 games – 6 games in Lower Parel, and 7 virtual games at happen online. We recommend that you use our online booking system to make confirmed bookings. However, if you wish to tentatively hold a time slot, please call us at +91 22 24999165 or +91 9820233578. We will guide you with the available time slots and you can make the payment at the game venue before your game begins. For online bookings, you can book a game as follows:
· Check out available times by selecting the game of your choice. Click HERE
. Choose a date and time slot based on your preference
· You will then need to select the number of players in your team.
· Finally buy the ticket after a quick login and checkout and make payments for reserving the slot
. Once you make the booking, you will receive an email confirming your booking
. Kindly carry a photo ID with you to the game, in case, we need to verify the veracity of the booking made

. You can now also book Gift Vouchers for family, friends and colleagues. Click here to buy a Gift Voucher. Please be aware that Clue Hunt is a live event therefore once a booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations, transfers or reschedules are NOT accepted.

. If you feel like bringing more friends (over 8 people) and would like to book more than one room at the same time, please turn to our booking system and look for parallel availabilities in our rooms.


Minimum 2 – maximum 8 people can play at a time in a single game room. We have tested both ends of these limits – in case of duos the game might become too complicated to enjoy and above 8 the place becomes too crowded, so please stick to the advised team sizes. We highly recommend coming in a group of 4 to 8 people for maximum fun.


Clue Hunt is a fun game for people of all ages. The minimum recommended age of participants is 10 years under supervision of an adult and 16 years with no guidance. The main reason for this limit is the complexity of the game. Kids under the age of 7 years accompanying their parents, can play for free of cost. For kids aged 7 and 8 years, the ticket charges will be 50% of the adult ticket price, provided there are a maximum of 2 kids in the group. (Note: We may require ID proof to verify age.)


When the big day arrives and you come to Clue Hunt with your friends, families or colleagues – please try to arrive on time for the game, at latest 10 minutes before scheduled start. Games and instructions are rotating constantly and reception has limited space so late birds might not manage to get inside at all as we can not slip appointment of groups next in line. The effective game time is exactly 60 minutes and we start sharp at the time booked, however we need a couple of minutes before each session to provide you with instructions.

. The whole experience will last about 75-90 Minutes.
. You will spend maximum 60 minutes in the room, however you will need to be briefed in before the game and we would love to discuss your experience, take your photo, and get your feedback in our guestbook after your escape.


If you’d like to give the game experience as a gift to your friends, relatives or colleagues, Clue Hunt’s gift voucher is the answer, which is valid for 3 months from date of purchase. Buy now online by clicking here. Should you have any queries on gift vouchers or would like to purchase any, please contact us on [email protected] or +91 22 24999165.


Certain terms and conditions relate to behaviour as follows: – it is strictly prohibited to make any photos, videos during the game – after leaving the room, sharing clues and information on the rooms at any social networking sites is strictly forbidden that imply serious legal consequences – each participants take full responsibility for their own using the rooms. Mobile phones shall not be allowed inside the game rooms (team members will be asked to keep their mobile phones inside a locker at the reception).

  • Where is Clue Hunt located?

    Presently, our Lower Parel outlet is open and Covid-safe. We are following strict hygiene and sanitisation protocols for safety of our patrons.

    Lower Parel: We are located in Mathuradas Mill Compound (same compound as Blue Frog used to be). We are located right next to Todi Social, which is behind Cafe Zoe and near Funky Monkey Play Center. We are on the Ground Floor of C.D. House. (Check location on Google map here).
    There is limited parking spots available outside our building. Note: Parking cannot be guaranteed and will be as per availability only.


  • What are the timings for Clue Hunt?

    Our game venue at Lower Parel is presently open for business daily, except Tuesdays with 6 game-slots a day from 11:00 am until 6:30 pm.  You can play whenever we have free slots either by booking online on this website or by calling +91 22 24999165 or +91 9820233578. You can choose any of the following available time slots:

    • 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
    • 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
    • 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    • 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
    • 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

    To check availability and to book a time slot, please check out the Bookings section or click here to go to booking site.

  • Why play Clue Hunt?

    Clue Hunt is amongst the most innovative and fun things you will ever find in India today. We have been consistently ranked #1 fun thing to do in Mumbai on TripAdvisor and have the honour of becoming a Hall of Fame Awardee. Sixty minutes spent here solving a mysterious challenge with your friends or colleagues will turn out to be exciting and rewarding at the same time. The dynamics of the game are perfect for a small or large team to bond over a common challenge and to know a lot about your own skills and the rest of your team. The game has been designed to inspire spontaneity, use mind-power and give another level of thrill not found in other means of entertainment.

    We have also seen popularity with our online mystery games that can be played virtually from your home.

  • Can our company do team building here?

    Most definitely! Bringing your team to Clue Hunt has a lot of benefits. We simply lock up a handful of people (2 to 8) into a small space, that looks like just a normal room at first sight. However, it is a smartly designed environment where the captives need to really open their eyes and start combining their smarts to discover many hidden objects, codes, keys, riddles and clues that will help them complete their simple final goal: escaping the room in 60 minutes! In this 60-minute instant activity we call Clue Hunt, team members have the opportunity to work on an indoor investigation project, a live escape adventure. During the game they quickly & playfully assign their own roles & responsibilities while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teams need to truly live and breathe in union for that one hour to achieve their goal and full focus is both essential and guaranteed by the end of the project. We have multiple escape challenges at every branch, hence we can cater a corporate team size of 20 to 40 members, that can play against each other at the same time. And all this happens without any tricky instructors present!

    Another benefit of bringing your corporate team to Clue Hunt is the input credit that you can claim as a Company on the GST paid to us. This will translate into savings of 18% for your team activity, as we provide GSTN-level tax invoice.

    If your corporate event has more than 50 people, we can setup a game of Clue Hunt at your office premises or at an offsite venue. We can develop a customised game for upto 100 people to play together as an exciting, fun and unique corporate team-building event. Contact us to know more!

  • Is this a game for young and/or old?

    Clue Hunt is a fun game for all ages, although children under the age of 10 years may at times find it challenging and confusing and hence are not recommended to play Clue Hunt. Children under 16 years must have at least 1 adult on the team. There is no upper limit on age as there are no physical aspects to the game and nothing scary has to be expected. Clue Hunt is all about finding clues, solving puzzles and riddles using logic, common sense and the power of teamwork. (Expecting women also can enjoy Clue Hunt – no scary stuff or physical exercise is expected during the game.)

  • How much does this unique experience cost?

    Clue Hunt ticket prices start from Rs. 500 per person + GST and vary depending on team sizes and peak times.

    Click here to see our Price List

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