The Lost Jewel of India

“The Lost Jewel of India”


Game Storyline: The Jewel Museum housed within the Tower of London witnessed a major security breach last night. And what occurred there was a sight to behold. The most revered crown jewel at the museum, “Kohinoor” was found missing. And what was equally baffling was the presence of the Indian Tricolor flag found in the place of the missing jewel.

The UK authorities immediately called upon its Indian counterpart to unravel the mystery of the Stolen diamond. The Central Bureau of India wants you to help them in the case. Is it a thief or a true patriot? Assemble your team of detectives! You have only 30 minutes!
Aim of the Game: To be find out who took the diamond away, why and how within 30 minutes.

How much?: Registration is Rs. 300/- per phone number. Please book by clicking Book now button below.:

Where?:  The game will be played online via a web-link that will be shared on your WhatsApp number. For every Rs. 300/- payment, 1 phone number will be added for login access. You will use your phone number as your login ID.

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  • Please read all the terms, rules and submissions carefully.
  • For every Rs. 300/- payment, 1 phone number will be added for website login.
  • Rules & instructions are mentioned below.
  • The weblink for the game will be shared to the WhatsApp number of the participant at chosen game time.
  • Those who have opted for hints package will be able to ask upto 3 hints during the game on WhatsApp to Clue Hunt.
  • Those who do not opt for hints package will NOT receive any hints nor will they have an option to buy hints during the game. Hence, pre-booking for hints package is mandatory to get any help/hints.
  • The game link shall be active for 60 minutes after which the participant will be logged out of the system. There shall be no extensions allowed post the end of 1 hour from scheduled game start time.
  • The game can be played on any 1 device (phone, ipad, laptop, desktop). Your registered phone number will be your login ID.
  • Each registration allows you to log-in on one device. If you want to compete or play with your friends and family in other locations/devices then please pay for multiple registrations.
  • Registration fees are Non-Refundable.
  • Game is a series of 10 clues based on the theme chosen. You will have to solve each clue, submit a response and move to the next level. You will see the next clue only when you solve a given clue correctly.
  • On submitting the correct answer to the final clue, your mystery game will be over.
  • At the end of 60 minutes, the system will log you out automatically.
  • No prior knowledge of any incident, event, news or TV series is required to play this game.
  • Please make sure you have a stable internet connection when you play. Clue Hunt shall not be giving any time extensions due to internet fluctuations or instability or any other reason whatsoever.
  • There are no prizes, cash backs or any incentives for the winners of the game. No winners shall be declared for the game.
  • Participants should not post any comments or answers on any social media platform for any reason whatsoever, or they will face legal trouble.
  • Downloading, sharing, forwarding, or copying of our game is strictly prohibited and illegal. It will be a copyright violation and will invite legal trouble.

Rules & Instructions:

  • SECURED LOGIN: A URL website link shall be sent across on your WhatsApp number. You will need to click on this link, read the terms and other web instructions, accept it and login with your WhatsApp phone number.
  • 10 CLUES: You have to solve a total of 10 clues in order to arrive at the final answer. Only the final answer needs to be sent to Clue Hunt Team via WhatsApp.
  • ENTERING ANSWERS: For every clue, you will need to enter the correct answer in the textbox to be able to move on to the next clue. Until you answer it correctly, you will not be able to proceed. Answers are not case-sensitive.
  • NOTE TAKING: Please keep a notepad and pencil handy to make notes along the way.
  • RECOMMENDED APP/WEBSITE: We recommend having (1) an App that can overlay one image on another, like Superimpose or a website like, (2) Facebook App or
  • USE HELP AVAILABLE ONLINE: You are free to use any App, Google search, website, software that may help you in solving a particular clue online.
  • MAXIMUM 3 HINTS: If you have bought the Hints Pack, then you will be able to take 3 hints from us. Be discrete in choosing when to take our help in arriving at the final answer


  • Final answer after solving Clue 10 needs to be sent to Clue Hunt via WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What? Where? When? We have an online Clue Hunt that you can participate in as an individual or a family. You have to play from your home itself. The game will take place everyday at either 6pm or 10pm online over a weblink that will be shared on your WhatsApp number that you will provide at the time of registration. If you are registering multiple people or devices, then you will need to provide WhatsApp numbers for each participant. The total duration for the game shall be 60 minutes.

(2) How to participate? To participate, you need to pay Rs. 300/- by clicking on the Book Now button.
(3) Is it Rs. 300/- per person? No, it is Rs. 300/- per phone number. So for example it could be a family of 4 that can do single registration, huddle around a single phone or laptop and play collectively as a team.
(4) Why should I participate? Beating boredom is the main reason. What’s more is that you could create a fun competition game amongst your friends or family members. Or a collaborative mystery solving experience with your colleagues from work.
(5) What is the deadline to register for the game? The deadline to register is 3 hours before the game start time. Please read the rules & instructions mentioned above carefully before the game start time. You will be receiving the weblink for the game on WhatsApp.
(6) Will hints be given during the game? Only if you have pre-paid for the 3 Hints Pack. The 3 hints pack is available for Rs. 150/- and upon purchasing the pack, you will be entitled to WhatsApp Clue Hunt and ask hints for upto 3 clues during the game. If you have not opted for the hints pack, unfortunately, you will not be able to ask for any hints from Clue Hunt at all.
(7) So what happens if we cannot solve the entire game within 60 minutes?
The maximum game time will be 60 minutes and after that time everyone will be logged out automatically. In case, you do not finish the game then you will not be able to proceed ahead or see the remaining clues. Hence, we recommend everyone to purchase the 3-Hints Pack. For those who do not complete the game even after the 3-Hints Pack, shall also not be able to see the remaining clues of the game.
(8) We are a group of 20 employees of a company that want to play. Can we play as a single team/group? If 20 people are all in different places, then they all must register individually so that they can receive the clues individually on their respective mobile phone’s WhatsApp. Thereafter, all 20 could get on a Zoom meeting if they choose to collaborate on this game to solve the mission. In short, for every Rs. 300/- payment, 1 phone number will be added to the WhatsApp Group of the game.
Disclaimer: the story depicted here is fictitious and only for the purpose of gaming & is not to be construed as a true event of past or present. For any queries, contact us at [email protected] or call us on +91-9820233578.